The infrastructure & energy development for the Westlands Solar Park (WSP) is led by the team at Westside Holdings, LLC and its partner companies, which include: real estate & land development; private equity investments; political, regulatory, utility, and California energy backgrounds and experience.

Since 2009, the Westlands Solar Park has aimed to change the conversation about developing renewable energy in California. We believe developing in-state renewables is important to our local economies and can help to keep the "all in" cost of power to rate-payers lower. Developing both transmission and generation investments in a coordinated manner can enable greater utilization of the investments and ultimately lower end user costs for rate payers. Although there is existing infrastructure and transmission within the solar park, we anticipate for future project phases new transmission upgrades associated with the full build out of the Westlands Solar Park can be fully utilized and be balanced with other state resources such as Tehachapi wind power and central valley hydropower to maximize the efficiency and cost of California's renewable portfolio standard implementation.

While the Westlands Solar Park focuses on master developing and planning the Westlands CREZ "Competitive Renewable Energy Zone" (the only of its kind in Central California), it relies on its solar and energy commercial partners to develop sections of the park over time based on utilities' and the state's needs for renewable power today and into the future.

With early and strong support from the environemental and agricultural community and a strategic partnership with Westlands Water District, the solar park has gained tremendous support for its long term vision and "least regret" status. SEE ARTICLE links below for list of media interest and further information on the environmental and community oriented benefits of the Westlands Solar Park.


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