Commercial development planning has completed for the initial phases of the solar park after an RFO was released in the middle of 2010. The solar park received inquiries and proposals from all over the world. Selected phase 1 commercial partners remain confidential today, however, more information on these partners is expected to be released on the phase 1 development progress later in 2013. Our phase 1 partners have submitted offers into recent RFOs/RFPs for for investor owned utilites. For companies interested in short term (2013-2016) solar development opportunities within the Westlands Solar Park, our capacity is limited but you are welcome to contact us.

Development planning is now also underway for the 2nd and future phases of the Westlands Solar Park (2015-2020+). Our current and future commercial development partners will be essential to the WSP's success and experienced solar developers, independent power producers, and infrastructure related energy companies are encouraged to contact us (serious inquiries only). Companies with real energy development experience, large financial backings, and capability for solar developments of 100 MWs or larger will be considered only. While the Westlands Solar Park supports in concept distributed solar generation, our development is focused on larger scale projects to drive economies of scale for lower cost offerings for utilities customers.

Westside Holdings, our parent company DBA the Westlands Solar Park, is not a power plant developer or owner but we have significant experience in master planned infrastructure projects. We rely upon commercial/energy partners to pursue the full development, construction, financing and operation of each phase of the solar facilities.

Please no inquiries for professional services, EPC work, sale of components, or sale of panels or other technology elements unless there is an extremely compelling unique offering within your product or service that needs to be planned for more than 2 years in advance of construction planning.