The Westlands Solar Park team aims to help utilities meet their renewable portfolio standards (RPS) and slowly transition off of a reliance upon fossil fuel based resources by working within our solar park directly or facilitating agreements with our commercial partners within a master developed renewable energy zone. Our team and strategic partners have developed plans for investor owned utilities and publicly owned utilities to achieve RPS goals for 2020 and further options beyond 2020 as the cost of solar power begins to become even more competitive with other power resources. Our long term planning & perspective provides greater certainty and optionality for utilities that need to meet short and long term goals & plan their large investments in the state with the need to minimize the "all in" expenses of implementing renewables and doing so cost effectively for their rate-payers. This long term planning allows utilities to meet short, middle and long term goals with greater risk mitigation but also hedge against portfolios heavily concentrated in natural gas and other fossil fuels with variable long term pricing.

Investor Owned Utility Projects:

Phase 1 and Phase 2 Projects and commercial partnerships are confidential but are focused on large scale photovoltaic generation systems greater than 100MWs in size for each phase. For more detailed information please contact our team (utilities only please).

Publicly Owned Utility Projects:

Our Phase 2 and beyond projects can be custom developed for your power needs and combine the economies of scale of your needs with other publicly owned utility needs to help keep costs the most competitive. Our development partners have experience building and financing billions of dollars worth of renewable energy projects in California and throughout the world. For more detailed information on how the WSP can serve your utility please contact our team (utilities and state agencies only please).